What is The WannabeWonk?

This Substack newsletter was meant to give me, Tom Lord, a place to publish periodic news roundups in the world of political violence and militant groups (mostly in Greece and Turkey, but we are broadening our horizons). I will also publish occasional articles on topics of interest to me that for either reasons of creative freedom offered by the platform, or time sensitivity, I did not choose to publish elsewhere. Much of the content that appears in the roundups will be in short-form on my Twitter account, The WannabeWonk: @potempkinbrain. All work on The WannabeWonk Substack is the intellectual property of Tom Lord.

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I research militant groups and political violence. Co-Founder and Editor of @MilitantWire. Personal Twitter: @PotempkinBrain Newsletter: thewannabewonk.substack.com